[VTV broadcast program introduction] “Japan, go to success” technical intern trainee edition 90 seconds version

A documentary film that we planned and produced, which was closely interviewed by Vietnamese young people living in Japan, was broadcast on Vietnamese national television for two consecutive nights in local Golden Time. The program was also distributed online, and the program was broadcast in a timely manner to introduce the greatly revised Japanese technical intern training system and the actual situation of international students to Vietnam and Japan.

■ Program Overview
Program name: “Nhật Bản – Đi là để thành công (Japan, go for success)”
Broadcasting station: Vietnam National Broadcasting (Vietnam Television) VTV1
・ Technical intern trainee October 11 20:10-(broadcast on October 15)

Closely interviewed five Vietnamese young people who are working as technical intern trainees at a precision mold metalworking company in Kawasaki City. The president and his wife of the company, who actually accept Vietnamese and take care of them like a family, tell us frank opinions and thoughts about the future of Japan and Vietnam. In addition, Mr. Tsutomu Takebe, Special Advisor of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship League, has provided an easy-to-understand interview with technical interns about the problems that have been experienced so far and the future.

What do you think of the Vietnamese youth coming to Japan as a technical intern trainee through the video? We are introducing their thoughts through the video that are bright, lively and fun.