Life of a man working at MR.BROTHERS, which drives the Japanese barber-Kon Saito

Originally I graduated from high school and worked for the SDF for 2 years, but I was not satisfied with my job …
One day I thought, “I want to do something.”

I asked the barber who cuts my hair, He said “How about Barber?”
It was only that but that’s it and I thougt to be a Barber.
Compared to a hairdresser, a barber can work for a long time and can be a player for a long time.

Then I quit my previous job and went to school.
It’s not a second life but it was about to start.
At that time I thought, “Let’s do this job.”

There is an eagle here,
There is an eagle with scissors and a razor
Isn’t embarrassing when you quit?
I can’t quit.

MR.BROTHERS doesn’t have any recruitment, so I sent a message on Facebook Messenger directly and said, “Please give me a chance to talk with you.”
Boss is quite busy so I couldn’t get response in time but I didn’t give up.

I wanted to work for the coolest barber.
When I thought I wanted to work for a coolest barber in Japan, MR. BROTHER was it.

I loved barber since I was in Hokkaido and became a barber, and right after I moved to Tokyo, MR.BROTHERS opened. “I was watching SNS and I like American barber culture and I’m able to cut a lot, so please let me work because I think that I can help,” said on the bench and boss said, “Let’s do it together.”

Especially, I don’t even write a resume, but our company is rough in a pretty good way, so my company.
You can get holiday, you can take a break, you can work anytime,
If you don’t have a customer and think “I’m free,” I’ll go get tattoo.

There is always a morning meeting or a final meeting in a normal beauty salon, but we don’t do that.
Everyone suddunly go back home.

When someone is cutting everyone has to wait at a normal beauty salon.
People who are waiting hope to finish soon because they want to fo home and it’s wasting time.
When you finish what you do, then go home or sometime go out drinking.

It’s easy to work.
We also work at a commission, wo we only get what we worked on, so we are motivated.

I don’t feel like working.
It’s more like an extention of playing.
There may not be so many boundaries between play and work.
Even though they didn’t come to cut their hair, they come to smoke a cigarette on the bench outside and chat a little.
Like a social hall. Many customers use this as a place for such a community.
I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that MR. BROTHERS is driving the barber boom.
That’s why there was a part I was attracted to, and this was the most powerful part.
Before I started working, I thought it was the best I could see from the outside.

Of course we have to be good at cutting and also anyone can be good if they do it.
I’m always grateful, but the other thing I’ve recently been thinking about is how I can be seen.
I think it’s really important what kind of people you want to have your hair cut, so I’m conscious of my style, the tools I use, and how I stand.

To be honest, I think customers have the biggest impact from their view.

Like “This person is cutting my hair now.”
And they post on SNS.
Sometimes people say “please take a picture together”, and they post on their SNS.

After all, there are quite a lot of situations where other people get to know me, so I’m quite concerned about how how I look.

I want to go out and do more and more activities recently.
Like an event where people gather, and I would like to cut hair in the event.
I think that would be a trigger for more customers to know barber.
To do many events with many kind of people.

It’s not just a barber event, it can be anything like music or dance, but I hope that I can do things with people from different cultures and eventually do something like an organizer where I can do the event yourself.