4th “Tooth brushing class” (co-hosted by the Mainichi Shimbun, sponserd by Lion

March, 2019: The 4th “Toothpaste Class” (co-hosted by the Mainichi Shimbun and co-sponsored by Lion) sponsored by the Vietnamese newspaper “Toiche” to help Vietnamese children know the importance of proper tooth brushing and tooth decay prevention.
The event was held at 7 elementary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, 4 elementary schools, 2 kindergartens, and a Japanese school, on a five-day schedule. It is a video that we interviewed and edited by MANAN Co., Ltd. and our company.

Under the guidance of a dental hygienist, more than 1,000 children learned how to polish in the courtyard of an elementary school.
It is a video that Vietnamese children with smiles and cheerful can enjoy with lion characters.

Organizer: Toyche
Cooperation: LION
Photographer: MANTAN / Sukiyoji
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-Nguyen Binh Kien Elementary School, Chunk Oc Tao Elementary School